Give me children, or I die.
~Rachel~ (Genesis 30:1)

There are no coincidences in life. You found this website for a reason.

Welcome to The Center of Acupuncture Fertility Chicago, Illinois

You are reading this because your life’s circumstances have taken you in a direction you wish were different. The pattern of your life has not gone as you planned, hoped, or imagined. Your dream of motherhood has not been an easy one for you. It is beyond your understanding how you have been led down a path that you never dreamed could happen to you. You blame yourself. You feel like a failure. No one understands. Your pain is deep and incomprehensible. Everyone else seems to get pregnant and become a mother so easily. You know you would be a great mom. Your husband would be a great dad. Why has this happened to me, you ask yourself?

You found us for a reason.

You no longer need to question the direction your life has taken. You can stop focusing on your “infertility”. You have before you a new and exciting path. We are here to help you realize your dream of motherhood.

Shake off the “why me’s” and “what if”s”, and rid yourself of that negative baggage. The past is just that—it is over, gone, behind you, a brief reflection. The future is yet to happen. Today, right now, is what’s important. The decisions you make today, determine tomorrow’s happiness—or regrets.

Your FertileSpirit™ yearns awakening and the spirit of your baby awaits you. We understand that this “fertility path” is not one you ever imagined. Yet, with our help, this may become the most fulfilling journey you could have ever hoped to follow.

Believe in your FertileSpirit™ and the spirit of your baby-to-be—and let us walk with you on your new journey toward motherhood. You will find our journey together exciting—sometimes emotional—but always magnificent and transformational.

Don’t listen to those
who ridicule the choices you make.
You have to take chances
to make your dreams happen.
~Jacqueline Schiff~

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