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Our purpose is to help as many people as possible who are experiencing women’s health and reproductive disorders reach their optimal level of health using holistic, natural therapies. Our purpose moves us beyond the goal of women’s health and reproductive wellness to the vision of promoting optimal health and well-being for couples and their children.

Our comprehensive Integrated Dynamic Fertility program™ works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body’s eco-system. We help you get in touch with your FertileSpirit™ with compassion, understanding, and experience.
We deliver community workshops to provide the public with information they can use to improve their health naturally. As the Yellow Emperor said 2500 years ago, “the inferior physician treats, the superior physician teaches”. The more educated the public is about the benefits of natural healthcare, the more healthy our world becomes.

Our services are available to you even if you live out of state. For example, our FertileSpirit™ Retreats will enhance whatever fertility treatments you are receiving, wherever you live.

Our office is located in Arlington Heights, Illinois on Arlington Heights Road, one block south of Dundee in front of the pond and fountain.

Wahls of Wellness
Natural Fertility Health Centers, Arlington Heights, IL

Our Arlington Heights address is:
3375 N. Arlington Heights Road, Suite A
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004

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Arlington Heights location

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Natural Fertility Health Centers

3375 N. Arlington Heights Road Suite A
Arlington Heights IL, 60004
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