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Up to 40% of couples experiencing fertility problems have factors that involve both the man and the woman. Basically there are three different major factors in male infertility—1) not enough sperm, known as “low sperm count”; 2) motility insufficiency, meaning that the sperm doesn’t move forward as it should; and 3) the sperm is shaped abnormally, also known as poor sperm morphology. If the sperm isn’t shaped right, it can’t penetrate the egg.

Although almost 200 million sperm are ejaculated at a time, only a few dozen actually reach the egg. And then they have to work their way into fertilizing the egg. Believe it or not, sperm counts have dropped 50% in the last 30 to 40 years. And sperm counts can be further lowered by factors such as stress, poor diet, prescription drugs (including blood pressure medications, pain meds, etc.); over-the-counter antihistamines; alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana.

Although male factors are easier to diagnose through Western medicine, Western medicine has a more difficult time successfully treating them. The good news is that our D.A.D.S.™ program of natural treatments has had great success reversing low sperm count and poor sperm quality. Small, but significant changes to a man’s diet and lifestyle, when combined with acupuncture and herbs, can make a remarkable difference. Not only does the D.A.D.S.™ program help balance a man’s hormonal system, but also raises virility levels and feelings of better health and well-being in men.

D.A.D.S.™ Program
Integrated Dynamic Fertility for Men

Diet and Nutrition
Discover optimal health & well-being
Supplements and Herbs

Just as we believe that women trying to conceive are more than just their wombs, we also believe that their partners are more than just sperm donors. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with western fertility treatments, it takes a couple working together and in harmony to bring about successful motherhood and fatherhood. A FertileSpirit™ is not just a “woman thing”. Dad’s have a FertileSpirit™ too. And that’s the basis of our D.A.D.S.™ program.

You already know your Diet and Nutrition can have profound effects on your health and well-being. It can also affect your fertility. We provide you with simple dietary guidelines, based upon your TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnosis that have been recommended and used for hundreds of generations successfully increase a man’s overall level of health and vitality.

Acupuncture provides the means to subtly rebalance the flow of energy, blood, and hormones throughout your body to help relieve stress and thus guide you into a more harmonious equilibrium physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Discover optimal health and well-being through simple lifestyle changes, which may include exercise recommendations, things to avoid doing, and things to start doing to relieve the stress of helping your wife through these fertility challenges. These simple changes are meant to increase the chances of conceiving a healthy child and carrying that child to term.

Supplements and herbal formulas may also be recommended. These recommendations are customized to your individual needs and requirements.

What do you know about sperm?

Sperm cells do not spontaneously generate. We have all heard that women are born with a certain number of egg precursors (the germ cells that eventually become mature eggs ready for fertilization). Did you know that men are also born with sperm precursor cells called spermatogonia? Those spermatogonia (the cells that eventually become sperm) are constantly undergoing regular mitosis—that is, they duplicate themselves—so that the number of them never decreases. Each sperm precursor cell duplicates itself and then only one of them starts the cycle to become a full-fledged, adult sperm cell. That leaves the original one left to replicate itself again. It’s actually a pretty neat biological trick that commences at puberty and allows men to have the same number of spermatogonia (sperm cell precursors) as they started with. Females have a finite number of eggs. Males do not. A human male aged 13-90 can make up to 1 billion sperm a day. Although sperm counts have drastically dropped in the last few decades, when a man is optimally functioning and hormonally balanced, he can potentially ejaculate up to 500 million sperm at a time. The only way to have so much sperm available is to continually make it.

According to medical experts, it takes about three months for spermatogonia to mature into adult sperm. That means, the sperm you are using today when attempting to have a baby, started its growth genesis three months ago. What was going on in your life three months ago that could have affected those initial stages of spermatogenesis? Through six treatments over twelve weeks, the D.A.D.S.™ program successfully addresses this problem and helps you produce healthy mature sperm.

I don’t have a problem with my sperm, so why should I participate in the D.A.D.S. program?

D.A.D.S.™ is not just for men who are experiencing problems with their sperm. It is for any man who is part of a couple experiencing fertility challenges. Oftentimes, when a man’s sperm has been “Certified A-OK” by the fertility doctor, his wife feels as if she has been branded as “The Infertile One”. Our concept of the FertileSpirit™ transcends gender. As a husband, you may not be able to experience or even understand what your wife is going through either physically in her body or emotionally in her mind. We know that your mind, body, and spirit are just as invested and devoted to having a baby as is your wife. The D.A.D.S.™ program allows you to demonstrate your full participation with her on this journey. As an added benefit, this simple program not only helps balance your hormonal system, but also helps relieve stress, raise your virility levels, and increases feelings of better health and well-being.

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