Chicago Fertility Integrated Dynamic Fertility Program™

Integrated Dynamic Fertility™ involves the evaluation and treatment of the human body’s 4-part eco-system--the Hormone-Immune System, the Bio-Mechanical System, the Energetic-Meridian System and the Mental-Spiritual System.

By aligning health in all four systems, your body becomes balanced, working properly as a whole, providing good health and fertility as the natural by-product. This is achieved by combining a number of modalities including Oriental medicine, acupuncture, herbal and diet therapy, teaching self-massage, relaxation and stress reduction techniques, exercise and stretching techniques, meditative, spiritual and healing visualizations along with gentle structural balancing therapy and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Everything is based upon the time-tested methods of Oriental medicine. First, we make a Chinese diagnosis based on a completed health history form as well as tongue and pulse diagnosis, so we can determine what needs to be harmonized. Second, we explore dietary recommendations based upon our diagnosis. This may include recommending supplements also. Third, we unblock the energy pathways or meridians of the body with a combination of acupuncture, exercises, massage and structural balancing to get the Qi flowing smoothly again and thus balance out the energy meridians. Fourth, we use safe and effective herbal formulas that have been used for thousands of years to help increase fertility. And fifth, we address your personal perception of motherhood and help you get in touch with your FertileSpirit™. We continually assess your progress and revise our formulas and treatment protocols as needed. In other words, we help balance your body and spirit so you are in harmony with the universe and ready to receive the soul of a child into you heart and womb.

As for the fathers-to-be, we offer our D.A.D.S program, a 12 week fertility enhancing set of treatments and recommendations to boost vitality and help bring a couple closer to realizing their dream of parenthood.

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