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In the April 2002 issue of Fertility and Sterility, Dr. Wolfgang E. Paulus, et al, reported their study on ART and acupuncture which demonstrated improved pregnancy outcome when including acupuncture in the embryo transfer protocol. Since that time there have been many other studies indicating the efficacy and safety of acupuncture and Oriental medicine when integrated with ART.

One does not need to fully understand how a therapy works in order for it to be a beneficial therapy. The millions of successful healthy babies conceived and brought to full term through the use of acupuncture and Oriental medicine is confirmation of its effectiveness and safety. There are minimal risks for your patients and magnificent possible rewards.

Our experience and success in reproductive Oriental medicine and the treatment of women’s health and reproductive wellness speaks volumes. We would welcome the opportunity to provide your staff with a workshop on the integration of our unique complementary approach in conjunction with your standard ART protocols.

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