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We are Ian and Beverly Wahl.  And we thought you might like to know why we specialize in working with couples experiencing fertility challenges.  In 1986 we were both single parents who were raising our respective sons, Aaron and Todd.  One evening at the end of a very stressful week, each child, independent of the other, wanted us to attend a particular event at our place of worship.  Though our families were members of the same congregation, neither of us knew each other.  That evening, each parent was resistant to go to services after a long and stressful work week.  But Aaron and Todd insisted on going, almost as if they knew they were destined to meet.  The boys even agreed to bathe before this event in their parents’ attempts to dissuade them from wanting to go!  Nonetheless, the boys took their baths willingly and our two little families went to the event.


Ian:                   “After the main part of that evening’s event, a mutual acquaintance introduced me to Beverly.  Unknown to us at the time, Aaron and Todd had also met and had become friends.  A few days later, I asked Beverly out on a date.  The date went very well, the boys became best friends, we fell in love, and a year later we decided to marry.  Our children were ecstatic and each was excited about having a new parent.  We asked Aaron and Todd to be the ring bearers at our wedding as a symbol of their approval for our blended family.”


Beverly:            “After our wedding, we thought it would be a wonderful blessing to have a baby together, thus completing our new blended family’s circle of love.  After several months of “trying” with no progress, I went to my doctor to see what the trouble was.  At 34 years old, I did not think there would be a problem having another baby.  The thought just never crossed my mind.  The doctor diagnosed me with severe, inoperable endometriosis and told me that there would be no more babies.  At the same time, Ian went to his doctor for a check up and he was diagnosed with a varicocele (a varicose vein on a testicle which heats up and kills sperm rendering a man sterile).  Even with this knowledge, we still had faith that there was a very special child trying to come into our family.” 


Ian:                   “We decided to develop our own program of natural treatments and lifestyle changes to help heal ourselves.  It involved dietary changes and many of the protocols we use today in our Integrated Dynamic Fertility Program™.  After a couple of months, things began to change.  Beverly noticed that she was not in severe pain during her periods which meant her body was healing.  I went back to the doctor for another test and discovered that my varicocele was disappearing, much to our delight and surprise.”


Beverly:            “The following month, I discovered I was pregnant!  However, after a few weeks, I miscarried.  This devastated Ian and me.  It is so crushing when you finally think the baby of your dreams is on the way only to have your heart broken.  Even still, we never gave up hope or the vision that our child was trying to make its way to us.  It also meant that our protocols were working!  Soon, I conceived again—and again miscarried.  Ian and I began a personal introspective search for some answers as to why this was happening to us and what we could do to keep this situation from recurring.

“That’s when Ian and I decided to incorporate spirituality into our protocols.  We developed meditations to connect with the spirit of the baby that was trying to come to us.  These meditations were practiced daily and especially before we made love.  After all, babies are love and come from love between two people.”


Ian:                   “Well, Beverly soon conceived again and this time, even though it was considered a high risk pregnancy, we continued our communications with our “spirit baby” and Pamela Rebecca Wahl was born on September 29, 1989.  She was completely healthy and the joy of everyone’s life.  Aaron and Todd held their baby sister within hours of her arrival and even handed out pink bubble gum cigars to all of their friends and teachers the next day at school.”


Beverly:            “You would think the story would end here with a happy ending.  However, many years later, Ian’s occupation as an acupuncturist quickly went from being just a job to becoming a life mission after the death of our son Todd in October 2002 while he served as an officer in the United States Air Force.  Ian and I felt that if our son had to leave this life, there must be some greater purpose behind it.  We also felt that in order to go on with our lives, there must be a larger purpose for our survival.  Our practice soon reflected what our purpose was when couples began arriving at our door for help with fertility.  It became evident to us that Todd’s spirit was somehow helping other spirits arrive by helping their future parents find his parent’s office.  Many patients who come to our office have been told that they too could not conceive a child—neither naturally nor with the help of western fertility treatments.  However, there have been many miracle Spirit Babies born to patients at the Natural Fertility Health Centers.”


So you see miracles can happen once you understand that a “miracle” is just an event that happens once you experience a life-shift of consciousness.  What we teach each and every one of our patients is how to discover their FertileSpirit™ empowering them to create their “miracle”.  We give couples hope, not empty promises or sham guarantees.  With hope, belief, and following the protocols that we recommend, transformational “miracles” can happen.  To schedule a free in-office consultation for you and your spouse, please call (847)392-7901.  You can also register to attend one of our life-changing FertileSpirit™ Retreats when you call.  We look forward to watching your miracle unfold.


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