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The number one reason to continue acupuncture treatments throughout pregnancy is to significantly reduce the risk of miscarriage. Women who receive regular acupuncture treatments through their pregnancy have a much lower risk of miscarriage.

Once you’re in the delicate state of pregnancy, you want to do what’s best for you and your baby. If you’ve never turned to alternative healthcare before, it’s time. Natural remedies, drug-free pain relief, and non-invasive treatments ensure no harm will be done to your baby and also provide a level of choice and autonomy orthodox medicine often denies.

At the Natural Fertility Health Centers, our pregnancy and post-partum programs allow you to experience the multiple benefits of acupuncture, pre-natal structural balancing, and essential oil therapy. You will become one with your pregnancy by tuning in to changes happening within and you will realize your body’s natural rhythm. Our holistic approach will guide you through your pregnancy as a whole, rather than treating you as a womb and a collection of symptoms. Pregnancy is a natural, physiological life event and shouldn’t be treatment as an illness.

Once you decide to begin acupuncture treatment, or continue with it through your pregnancy, share the decision with your doctors and/or midwives, who sometimes are unaware of the many conditions treatable by acupuncture during pregnancy.

As a modern mother, you experience many stresses uncommon to previous generations. You may be working longer into your pregnancy or you may have job related or personal stresses that become complicated with your pregnancy. These issues can create a situation in which you neglect to emotionally prepare for your child’s birth. Our program allows you time to slow down, rest, and mentally prepare yourself for the physical demands of giving birth and caring for a child afterwards.

Our Integrated Dynamic Fertility program™ helps you deal with your unique set of personal circumstances—such as your self-image, your relationship with the baby’s father, health conditions, family issues, or simply your role in society—any of which may increase anxiety as delivery time approaches. Our supportive environment at the Natural Fertility Health Centers helps you recognize and deal with any negative emotions you may be experiencing.

As full term approaches, anxiety may be increased by delivery fears brought on by misinformation or negative experiences in past pregnancies. At the Natural Fertility Health Centers, our knowledgeable staff will help guide you through any fears and provide you with reassurance and encouragement, coupled with our stress relieving acupuncture pregnancy therapy.

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