Chicago Fertility Success Stories

"Everything you said about the baby is exactly what has been popping in my head. I know now that this is my Spirit Baby speaking to me! Thank you!"

~ D.R., Australia (via Skype)

"My husband and I are much relieved to hear that our Spirit Baby is trying to come to us. Thank you for giving us the information from the Spirit Baby about what we have to do to help him or her join our family. We will take care of these things right away! Thank you for helping us."

~ S.E., Singapore (via Skype)

Andy and I wanted to share the wonderful news that we are just became parents!  Our baby girl was conceived last April with the help of Natural Fertility Health Centers.  We are so grateful for the love and support you gave us during the most difficult time in our lives.  We couldn’t have gotten through it without you!  Andy and I are in heaven with our baby girl.  Although our struggle to become parents seems like a lifetime ago, we will never forget the people who guided us through. 
Thanks again. 

A. & T. Z.

Can’t explain the events we did, however, I definitely feel as if I am going home with tremendous hope and a lighter heart. The meditations we did were great because I was able to get out all my other fleeting thoughts and concentrate. I want to use the tools given this weekend to make my spirit baby a reality.

~ P.P.

Beverly and Gwen were so loving and giving. Until I got here I did not realize I needed to heal so much. I am taking away from this whole experience a lot of tools I can use everyday to heal and move forward. I learned that I can communicate with my child – which is a powerful lesson. The retreat taught me that the positive intentions I put out into the universe will bring positive things to my life.

~ P. M.

The Wahls of Wellness has been an amazing experience for me and my husband. Since starting treatments in October 2007, I’ve grown spiritually realizing the spiritual component of pregnancy and that I would get pregnant. The Eastern and Western medicine combination proved to be quite successful for me and my husband. Shortly after the FertileSpirit™ retreat, we learned we were pregnant. In December we had our first child, a health baby boy. Thanks. 

~ J.G.

Dear Dr. Ian and Beverly, So many thanks for all the gifts. We will never be able to express to you how grateful we are that you helped bring this little guy into our lives. A little over a year ago I had almost given up all hope of having a child. Even now, as huge as I am, I have to pinch myself to remember this is for real!!! After so much sadness and so many miscarriages, I honestly do not think we would be blessed with this baby without your professional and emotional support and friendship. We will never be able to say that you enough. Just hope you know how grateful we are. Remember, I'll always be willing to talk with other patients if they are looking for someone who has been through this experience. And please accept this check as a donation to your son's memorial fund. Thank you for everything!!!!

~~Much love, G. and J.

p.s. They had a healthy baby boy!

Dear Dr. Ian and Beverly, Thank you for everything that you've done. Words simply can not express how much you have helped me through everything. After losing our first little angel before he was ever in our arms, I never thought we would recover, but after taking the time to talk with me, you brought me a sense of understanding and peace which is invaluable. We now have our little girl in our arms and we have a deeper understanding of why everything happens for a reason. Thank you so much and enjoy dinner on me!

N. and A.

Dear Dr. Ian and Beverly, I am grateful to both of you for all of your support in our journey toward pregnancy and during the actual pregnancy. I feel like our daughter already knows you both. Thank you again!

D. and J.

Dear Dr. Ian and Beverly, I can't thank you enough for not only helping bring me in to a "good state" but also connecting me with the wonderful girls from our retreat. I feel blessed!

H. and M.

p.s. They had a healthy baby boy!

Dear. Dr. Ian and Beverly, I am so grateful to have found the both of you. This journey has been amazing, and I know it has only just begun. I thank you for giving me more ways than one. You have truly helped me so much in so many ways. Thank you for everything!

L. and J.

p.s. They had a healthy baby girl after surviving a late term miscarriage.

Dear Dr. Ian and Beverly and Gwen, We want to thank all of you so much for your help, care and support. With the love and help of God, you made our dreams come true! God bless all of you for your wonderful work!

M. and N.

p.s. They had a healthy baby girl.

I have been seeing Dr. Wahl for 1 1/2 years now. I started seeing him for fertility. I have a long history of surgeries and IVF procedures. I was tired of the drugs and unsuccessful cycles and a miscarriage so I decided to pursue a different approach. After seeing Dr. Wahl for Acupuncture for 1 1/2 months, I was pregnant naturally. No drugs, so needles, no procedures. I couldn't believe it. I am still seeing him now and hope to be pregnant again soon. The support, compassion, and caring for their patients is what makes the difference at the Wahls of Wellness. I feel so comfortable and taken care of there. I think anyone who has been unsuccessful in getting pregnant would benefit from seeing Dr. Wahl and Beverly Wahl. Acupuncture alone has helped me to be more relaxed and not as stressed about things. I think someone who is considering trying acupuncture would be spending their money wisely by seeing Dr. Wahl. The comfortable setting is the biggest difference. Meeting with Beverly Wahl for the spiritual work is something I have never experienced before in this type of setting. The spiritual work I learned to do with Beverly Wahl was a big part of my getting pregnant also.


Dear Dr. Ian and Beverly,

Enclosed is the announcement of the birth of our miracle, Elise. She has brought us such joy! We wanted to thank you for being with us through our journey. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet you and work with you. Despite my fear of needles, the time spent with you was very relaxing and calming. Your positive attitude was reassuring and helped us stay optimistic during a time of much uncertainty. Thank you so much for your care. Also, please thank Dr. Gwen. We hope she and her baby are well.

~~J. and G.A.

I have been a patient of the Wahl's for over 2 years and I have had the opportunity to get to know them personally as well as professionally. They are truly gifted in the art of healing and committed to the care and well being of their patients. As a woman struggling with infertility they were a much-needed support system. I looked forward to my weekly treatments knowing that they were there to nurture my physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They listened to my fears and frustrations with compassion and understanding and helped calm the anxiety associated with infertility. We now have a beautiful baby girl and we are grateful everyday for those who supported us during our journey into parenthood. We hope to have a second child with the help of the Wahl's fertility treatment plan.

Thank you Bev and Dr. Ian

~~D. N-G.

My wife and I were married in the fall of 2003 and wanted to start a family as soon as possible.  We were in our early 30’s when we married and thought that it might take 6-12 months for a pregnancy to occur.  A year passed, then two and we figured it was time to do more than chart the optimum time of the month to conceive.  So off we went to a traditional fertility specialist for a consultation, tests and soon to follow injections for my wife.  When that didn’t work, we tried artificial insemination on 3 unsuccessful occasions.  As we were considering our next move, which included IVF, adoption and just giving up, I came across the Natural Fertility Health Center web site.  After some online research and meeting with Dr. Ian and Beverly, we made the commitment to a treatment plan which included acupuncture, herbs, a fertility retreat, a special diet, and meditation practices.  I was highly skeptical at first (my wife was a little less so).  We were won over by Dr. Ian’s and Beverly’s passion, commitment and compassion.  I started to believe their approach after just a few weeks, because I noticed what a positive influence it was on my wife.  Once on edge and sad, she soon became hopeful, optimistic and more relaxed in general.  I credit that not only to the acupuncture, herbs and changes in diet, but also to the positive calming effects of time spent with Dr. Ian and Beverly.
Well, a little more than 6 months after we made the commitment at the Natural Fertility Health Centers, we were pregnant (naturally without the use of western medical treatments!).  My wife continued her treatments with Dr. Ian and Beverly on a weekly basis during her pregnancy.  It has resulted in her having an amazingly healthy and happy pregnancy.  We couldn’t even imagine where we’d be now if we hadn’t met Dr. Ian and Beverly.  Obviously, we recommend the Natural Fertility Health Center wholeheartedly.  Beyond that, I would encourage you to open your mind and if you decide to work with them, give it a full and complete commitment. Our son Colin Patrick was born healthy and happy.  B. and A. T.

I first visited the Natural Fertility Health Centers in April 2005. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over a year at that point. We had gone through all of the testing with a reproductive endocrinologist and were falling in the category of “unexplained infertility”. My doctor had suggested an aggressive plan on fertility drugs and an intrauterine insemination. I was hesitant to pursue the aggressive medical route at that point since we did not know what medical infertility issues we needed to address. I decided to try a more natural and holistic approach first.

I found the Natural Fertility Health Centers through a blind search on the Internet. From my first phone call where I spoke with Bev, I immediately felt comfortable with their practice. After over a year of stress and trying to get pregnant I was ready for a different approach. I was a little skeptical at first as I had really only been exposed to western medicine. Dr. Ian put together a comprehensive treatment plan that included acupuncture, herbs and a diet plan.

The first 2 months, I did not get pregnant and was a little frustrated. The third month, I did decide to combine western medicine and started the Clomid with my doctor. The first month I was on a low dose of Clomid, I ovulated earlier than I ever had and most importantly, I got pregnant. I believe the Clomid worked the first cycle because I was balanced from the acupuncture. Clomid typically takes a few months to work if it works at all.

I decided to continue the acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and was very glad that I did. I had an extremely easy pregnancy, which I strongly attribute to my acupuncture treatments. I had no morning sickness, no food aversions, no swelling, no insomnia, very minor aches and pains and gained a very normal amount of weight. Whenever I did have a slight pregnancy ache or pain, I discussed it with Dr. Ian and he treated it appropriately.
I also had an extremely easy labor and delivery. I was able to manage my labor at home and arrived at the hospital 15 minutes before I delivered my son. He was out after just 3 pushes. Again, I attribute this to my acupuncture treatments. I was up and walking around within two hours of delivering my son and have lost the majority of my pregnancy weight within 3-4 weeks of having my baby. While I did stay active throughout my pregnancy – I certainly was not a model for fitness before and during pregnancy, which is why I truly believe acupuncture was so beneficial.

Not only was the acupuncture beneficial, I appreciated how Dr. Ian and Bev focused on treating the mind and spirit as well. Prior to getting pregnant, I had one miscarriage. During the early weeks of this pregnancy, I was extremely nervous and had a lot of negative energy. Bev really worked with me to focus on being positive for my own health and the baby’s health.

I would highly recommend the Natural Fertility Health Centers for anyone that is trying to get pregnant or that is pregnant. They focus on the whole picture – mind, body, and spirit, which can help women at any stage of dealing with trying to get pregnant or dealing with pregnancy itself.
- H.W.

After trying to conceive for two years, my husband and I decided to move forward with IVF. I had read about the benefits of adding acupuncture to the IVF cycle for an enhanced success rate. My reproductive endocrinologist confirmed that acupuncture is indeed beneficial to improve the outcome and noted that her patients that receive acupuncture through the cycle are often much more at ease.

We received acupuncture treatments at The Natural Fertility Health Centers for 3 months before the transfer of 2 embryos and throughout my pregnancy. Six weeks after the transfer we were thrilled to learn that both embryos implanted and we were expecting twins after our first attempt at IVF! My husband and I are thankful for the treatments we received. Most of all, Ian and Bev took a genuine personal interest in our success and provided us with positive encouragement along the way. Thank you Wahls of Wellness and Natural Fertility Health Centers. - L.G.

Six weeks prior to getting married, I had my first laparoscopy which concluded I had moderate to severe endometriosis. My husband and I knew this could mean it would be difficult for us to get pregnant. When we decided the time was right for us to start our family, we went in to the process with a positive attitude, hoping the endometriosis would not cause any problems. However, we both agreed that our priority was to have children and not necessarily to be pregnant. If pregnancy was not attained, we would adopt.

After one year of trying to no avail, we began fertility treatment. The constant monitoring, needles, medicines, and blood tests were quite overwhelming in the beginning. I also had a second laparoscopy to "clean out" the growing endometriosis.

After 3 unsuccessful inseminations, we were doing some research and came across The Natural Fertility Health Centers. We began seeing Ian and Beverly Wahl and learned a lot about how the body works and how acupuncture is so very beneficial to your body while attempting pregnancy, as well as during and after. I received 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks, which was up until I had in vitro fertilization (IVF). I continued treatments once/week and soon received the good news... I was pregnant!!

Treatments were continued throughout my pregnancy which helped our baby grow to full term. As well as reducing swelling for me, it helped to maintain my weight so I didn't gain too much, and aided with back pain and pregnancy aches and pains. I truly believe that my baby loved acupuncture because he would be so active during the treatments!

Three months ago, I gave birth to a very healthy and happy little boy! He's our little angel and such an amazing blessing in our lives! We pray for all couples who want to become parents of their own little angel. Thank you Ian and Beverly Wahl and the Natural Fertility Health Centers for helping us realize our dream of becoming parents. We are already planning to come back for our second child when the time is right!
- M.V.

When my husband and I walked into the Natural Fertility Health Centers office, we were looking for anything that could help us get pregnant and stay pregnant. By that time, we went through one in vitro fertilization attempt that failed, a “spontaneous” pregnancy with a miscarriage at 11 weeks, 2 infertility specialists and three artificial inseminations, two of which failed. It was during the injection phase of our third artificial insemination attempt that I started acupuncture at Natural Fertility Health Centers. Two weeks later we found out that we were pregnant.

Dr. Wahl and his wife, Beverly, were wonderful throughout the entire pregnancy and afterwards. I had continued with weekly acupuncture in order to maintain the pregnancy. Because of our previous miscarriage, the maintenance program was extremely important to us. The entire pregnancy progressed without any complications. I even worked at a job that required me to be on my feet all day long until I delivered at 40 weeks. We anticipate returning to Natural Fertility Health Centers when we try again.
Thank you for all your help and support during these past nine plus months.
- R.W.

I was not convinced acupuncture could make a difference after so many failed attempts at pregnancy using everything from clomid to IUI’s to IVF. We knew we didn’t want donor eggs, but we felt pressured to go that route. I was hesitant to commit to a 6 to 12 month process, but I am ecstatic I did. My husband and I are thrilled to have given birth to our newborn son, Jeremy. Without the treatments, support, and love I felt at the Wahls of Wellness, I don’t think I would have ever gotten pregnant. Thank you Dr. Ian and Beverly.
- P.R.

The road to motherhood was a long, painful and an expensive journey beginning in April 2003.  I was thirty five, recently married and had a strong desire to start a family.  We began the battery of fertility tests to find out my hormone levels lacked promise and that my eggs were considered “old” and not of great quality.  We marched ahead knowing chlomid would work as it had for so many others.  As the months compiled, we switched to other drugs and began artificial insemination then the ultimate invitrofertilization.  Each month we prayed.

We were preparing for another IVF when large fibroids were discovered on my uterus due to the continued use of the high dosage fertility drugs.  Stimulation could cause grave damage as the hormones were feeding the fibroids.  I needed surgery, so a week prior to Christmas I underwent a myomectomy, which failed.  The tumors were so large that the surgeons could not remove my uterus to remove all of the growth.  We were told I would never be able to carry a child.  My husband and I were heartbroken.  My mother cancelled Christmas.

Thankfully my fertility specialist had one more card to play and called another surgeon who assured me that he could remove the tumors and that I would be able to carry a child.  So the following spring, I underwent my second surgery which was a success. 

Then I was given the name of Ian and Beverly Wahl.  When I met with the Wahl’s, I was skeptical.  I had been going to an acupuncturist for over a year and she had been unsuccessful, how could they be any different.  My husband, being my rock that he is, told me if money was the issue, not to worry if the end result was a child. 

I started the special diet that they prescribed immediately.  The diet was not an easy task, I felt fortunate that it was the fall season and my husband enjoyed a good hearty stew. I also began all of the other recommendations they gave me to do at home.   I felt that my energy level and attention span increased immediately.  Within two months my period was late.  No worries, I was told I was peri-menopausel, I looked in the linen closet for a pregnancy test, and it was not there.  The next day, still no period, I knew there had been a pregnancy test in the closet, and there it was, looking right at me.  I opened the test, threw away the directions (I had taken so many in the last few years) and proceeded with the test leaving the stick on the sink.  When I went back, I saw two lines.  What did two lines mean?  After digging the directions from the trash I gave a yelp of glee.  I was ecstatic.  Deemed infertile, now I was pregnant. 

Nathaniel Drew was born in July, eight pounds, seven ounces, twenty one and a half inches long.  I loved being pregnant.  I have never been so happy for such a long period of time and the happiness has not waned.  He is our pride and joy, our gift from God, which, by the way, is the meaning of his name, Nathaniel.  Miracles really do happen. 


I cannot say enough great things about the Wahls of Wellness.  They have helped me work on mind, body and spirit.  I have lost over 30 lbs. so far following the diet given to me by Dr. Ian.  I love the days I go in for acupuncture; it is so relaxing and peaceful.  Dr. Ian, Gwen and Beverly always make you feel comfortable and I always love seeing and talking to all of them.  I also feel better after my chiropractic adjustments and the exercises recommended by Dr. Aaron have helped with my lower back.  He not only adjusts your spine, he also works the muscles associated with the issue.  Not only have I seen physical changes in myself, but I have grown spiritually as well.  I have learned so much from Beverly and Kristine.  They have so much love and truly want the best for everyone.  I received a Reiki treatment from Kristine and it was amazing, I could still feel energy in my arms many hours after the treatment had ended.  The staff at the Wahls of Wellness are also wonderful.  They are always happy to see you and they make you feel so welcome.  Since going to the Wahls of Wellness I feel such a sense of calmness, a sense of peace; it is a wonderful feeling.  I am so grateful to have been guided to the Wahls of Wellness.


My success story has been a very intrusting journey.  I started Acupuncture with Dr. Wahl and Beverly in June 2006.  I was an emotional and physical wreak.  At this point, I was trying to get pregnant for about two years with fertility treatments.  No success, no answers to why it was not working.   I began to become depressed and questioned my faith in God.  It seemed like everyone was getting pregnant but me.  We were so ready to bring a baby into our lives.  You know the old saying things happen for a reason in life.  Well I have not found out the reason yet, but I feel in peace with myself and trust in God that he will grant me my biggest wish.  Dr. Wahl and Beverly have helped me reach this point.  I failed an IVF cycle in April.  I did feel sorry for myself but have become healthier physically and mentally.  Beverly has helped me communicate with my spirit baby and I truly know she is coming. Even though my story has not ended with pregnancy yet, I truly believe I will be a good healthy mom and my relationship with my husband has gotten stronger thru these struggles.  I feel we can handle anything life gives us.  This challenge was needed so I can raise a strong beautiful child that is coming into the world to make an impact in the future.  Plus I have learned who I am and how strong and amazing I am.


Since I started Acupuncture for fertility I have noticed a tremendous amount of change in my moods, energy levels, and overall health.  My body weight has dropped to 142 lbs. from 160 lbs., while following the recommended nutritional guidelines for my Chinese diagnosis, which is a very good sign especially since my height and weight are supposed to be between 135 to 145 lbs.  As the months went by, I have felt very comfortable with myself and have become a much stronger woman than before, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Then the Fertility Retreat came, and I felt so comfortable going into the Fertility Retreat and meeting different the women who are all going through the same journey as I am.  It is hard to describe what I experienced, but just by getting to know them and learning the different values and sadness that everyone felt when you love something so delicate and precious to you, made me feel like I was not alone and that I could get through this.  I learned that I can stop focusing on the loss and the suffering and instead reflect and learn to have patience in life. I learned how as a woman I can enjoy the time and feelings of peace and spiritually that help me be good to myself.  E.P.

My husband and I were trying for 18 months to get pregnant.  I knew after a year that something was wrong, so we went to see our OB-GYN for further help.  Our OB-GYN did an x-ray (called an HSG) on me to check for any blockages inside.  Sure enough, the left side of my uterus and fallopian tube was blocked.  She then advised us to see a fertility specialist for further workup.  We went to see the fertility specialist and he advised us on two things: IVF or surgery laparoscopy/endoscopy to see what happened to my fallopian tube and uterus.  The fertility specialist also said I’m a pretty healthy person, but my reproductive system was not normal and I can’t get pregnant.

We decided to go for the surgery in July of 2007.  The surgery was two hours long and the fertility specialist also did our surgery.  He diagnosed me with severe endometriosis.  He told us and my family, prior to the surgery that we had no chance of getting pregnant.  After the surgery our chances only went up to 20%.  Two weeks after the surgery we went to see the fertility specialist.  During the appointment he advised us to do IVF right away, to get pregnant.  However, he said he would give us 3 months to try on our own to see what would happen.

Being a nurse, I have heard stories about people who attempted IVF, how expensive it was and your chances of conceiving weren’t guaranteed.  My husband was always interested in Chinese medicine and read how it helped many couples achieve their dreams of pregnancy.  We did an internet search and found the Natural Fertility Health Centers ( site.  My husband said let’s give this a try, so I called the office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

In August 2007 we met with Dr. Ian, his wife Beverly and Dr. Gwen for our consultation.  Our appointment was wonderful and we knew from then on we were going to go for the treatments.  Beverly told us there is no such thing as “infertility” and she wanted us to start letting go of all the negative hurts and experiences and to start believing we are fertile.

We started the acupuncture treatments right away; twice a week for four weeks for me and my husband would go twice a month.  Dr. Ian also advised us on our diet, nutritional supplements and Chinese herbal prescriptions to take daily.  Beverly advised us as well to work together as a couple, to strengthen our love and be strong towards our goal in becoming pregnant and eventually parents.

On September 14, six days before our five year anniversary, we became pregnant naturally!  For us this was the best anniversary present.  Seeing the pregnancy test as positive was a miracle!  Our dreams finally came true and our past disappointments were suddenly turned into tears of joy!

We still continue to see Dr. Ian, Beverly and Dr. Gwen for acupuncture and support throughout the pregnancy.  The acupuncture takes away my pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and lower back pain.  Dr. Ian, Beverly and Dr. Gwen advise us on our diet, exercise, and special tips on pregnancy care for our baby.  To us, they are our true OB-GYN’s and they care.

God has given the Wahls and Gwen gifts to provide miracles for many couples.  My husband and I are forever grateful to all of you, and we thank you so much!


Fertility and Miscarriage and Tubal Pregnancy

After many wonderful years with our daughter, we wanted another child. We tried naturally, but ended up with a tubal pregnancy which required my tube to be removed. During this time, we went to a reproductive specialist who recommended that we should have IVF. We went through the difficult procedure to remove eggs and have them fertilized. They implanted two embryos and froze the remaining one. The IVF did not take. After that, we found Dr. Ian and Beverly. They were very kind and reassuring. They advised us not to try to get pregnant until they were able to balance my body with acupuncture, herbs and other techniques of healing that they use. However, our little spirit baby had other ideas. I did get pregnant again and it was a tubal pregnancy resulting in emergency surgery and the removal of my other tube.

We were now faced with the fact that we could no longer use natural methods to get pregnant. We had one little embryo left. Dr. Ian recommended waiting until my body was healed before attempting to have the embryo implanted. So we continued in treatment. During this time, I attended the Fertile Spirit retreat. I learned how to communicate with my spirit baby. I felt all of my fears of not being able to conceive release during the wonderfully relaxing weekend retreat. Each component helped me to reconnect with myself and the spiritual side of becoming a mother again.

After the retreat, my spirit baby would come to me in my dreams and “tell” me what to do and when to do it to help him come into his body safely. After many months of waiting, he finally said now was the time. Despite the tremendous odds of failure of defrosting a single embryo and the risk of having it implant in the proper place in the uterus, I became pregnant with a healthy little boy! He was born on time with the easiest of births.

I can't thank Dr. Ian and Beverly enough for their encouragement, prayers and medical and spiritual expertise. Without them and the Wahls of Wellness and the Fertile Spirit Retreat, our son would not have been able to safely make it to this world. Miracles really do happen when you believe and have faith.

- J.G.

FertileSpirit™ Retreat Testimonials

FertileSpiritT Retreat June, 2008 Testimonials

This was a life changing experience for me. I feel that I have the tools to bring and keep joy and love in my and my family's life. The content and introduction to spiritual meditation provided me with a good foundation for the weekend. Bev's guided meditation was easy. During the Angel Baby meditation I felt connected and a knowing about my direction with my Angel Baby. The releasement ceremony was a perfect way to get rid of the negative energy inside of me. It was very peaceful. The healing circle was peaceful and brought everything together. The closing ceremony was uplifting and confirming. My intentions are out there and the universe will respond.


This FertileSpiritT Retreat was everything and more than what I expected. I feel so many of my questions were answered this weekend and so much of my "ick" inside of me was released. This is something that my body has needed for a long time. With each part of the retreat I released everything that has been bothering me for a long time. I know what I want now and I am now ready to continue on as a newly refreshed spirit. I am at peace now and ready to accept my Angel Baby. I thank God for answering my prayers and leading me to Beverly and Dr. Ian.


This FertileSpiritT Retr

eat was very moving and very empowering! I thoroughly enjoyed this retreat!


This FertileSpiritT Retreat was very relaxing and peaceful. This was an amazing experience and every ceremony was great. This retreat was amazing! At first I did not want to go because I would be leaving my family for the weekend. Also, I had given up hope with trying to have a baby, but this retreat gave me light and hope. As the week that I came to the retreat was coming to an end, I was and still am thankful that I came. The ladies were incredible. Beautiful inside and out. I was encouraged by all! I will continue with my journey to my Angel Baby(ies) and keep everyone of these beautiful women in my prayers and thoughts. Thank you Dr. Wahl and Beverly. May God and heaven be upon you always.


I loved the FertileSpiritT Retreat. It was so great to have tangible tools and goals to work on to becoming a healthier mom and I really just "know" my life has changed and I am going to welcome my new baby with joy and not fear. I cannot thank Dr.Wahl and Beverly enough for getting me back in touch with spirituality and using your amazing talents to give this to me. Honestly, you have guided me to a place of healthier being and you have changed me, my family and many clients of mine because if I am better, they will be too. Thank you! Thank you!


March 2008 Retreat Testimonials

"This retreat was eye opening, inspirational and I feel so connected to everyone here and very especially my angel babies. I feel as if all worry about my pregnancy has been lifted and I am nothing but excited about it. This retreat helped me look at other areas of my life and resolve some of these issues. During the releasement ceremony I felt it was very powerful and I felt so full afterward. I felt very safe. The meditation on the first night was wonderful! Meditations were wonderful and very relaxing. I felt connections to my angel babies multiple times! The closing ceremony was beautiful, leaving seeds of inspiration to grow. I would recommend anyone to find themselves at this retreat." H.E.

"Thank you for this retreat. I knew I came to you for a reason, and I believe that after this retreat at least one of those reasons has been positively resolved. I didn't even realize I needed to deal with my past in that way, thank you. I have been sad for awhile and I didn't even know it, but today my heart is filled with joy, thank you. I lovingly thank you, the wonderful angels, my spirit guides and my angel babies for what is the wonderful beginning of a new journey." C.V.

"I just feel so blessed to have been a part of this retreat. It was a weekend dedicated to love and understanding. Getting in touch with myself and bonding with other women who know and understand some of the path that I have walked down. It leaves me with a feeling of hope and inspiration not only in the faith that I will be having the child I am waiting for, but also the inspired life I know I deserve. Beverly and Dr. Ian so openly share their love and for that I am so grateful." T.G.

"I felt a lot of love, especially Sunday after going through everything. I didn't think I could feel that much love in a room from people I barely knew." H.S.

"I felt like my spirit has never been lifted higher! The spiritual work was great! I will definitely use what I learned at this retreat and I highly recommend it for women facing fertility challenges. Beverly, I feel that you are a Priestess guided us to our healing!" P.F.

"I really liked the meditation we did Friday night. I would like a CD of Dr. Ian's meditation. So far it was the best one of the weekend. I liked all of the meditations. During the releasement ceremony, I felt I was able to release a lot of my negative feelings. I really felt that the meditations were very helpful to me. I like the FertileSpirit tool box items that you gave us and used them every day since the retreat. Overall, I really enjoyed the retreat. I feel I am much more open." M.G.

"During Dr. Ian's opening to intuition meditation, I felt very connected to my little girl! During Beverly's Connecting heart and angel baby meditation I felt such a significant connection to my Angel Babies. I see them with me, in my womb, and in our home and in our life. These are very powerful meditations that bring joy, happiness, excitement and hope to me. I feel so fortunate to have attended this retreat. Not only have I received so many confirmations from my Angel Babies, but I have really released my fear and negative thoughts of losing my babies. I have found love and trust for myself, for the universe to control what comes t me next, and most of all I found trust in my babies. I feel blessed to have shared in the journeys of all these wonderful women who I forever have a lifelong bond with. Thank you Beverly and Dr. Ian for bringing hope, love and light back into my life." R.B.

"I rate this retreat a 10 out of 10. I will definitely use the meditations and tools you gave us to continue my healing and would recommend this to other women who are facing fertility challenges. This was very helpful for healing." J.G.

I feel so honored to be a part of everyone’s journey at the FertileSpirit™ Retreat.  So grateful.  I feel connected to each woman here.  Many things were confirmed for me.  We did a lot of work that was so worth it.  Thank you for including me in this wonderful weekend.  I am so grateful to have Dr. Ian and Beverly in my life.  Thank you for giving me life.

The FertileSpirit™ retreat was excellent in every way.  I was impressed and most satisfied.  I finally was able to relax and feel good about having a baby.

Thank you so much for the FertileSpirit™ Retreat – my beautiful spirit baby is with me.  The work we did will definitely remind me how important it is to take care of myself. 

Everything we did at the FertileSpirit™ Retreat was very inspiring.  It was amazing.  I felt so much better after.  It was wonderful.  The healing circle was the most hope giving part of the weekend.  Everything was very meaningful.

At the FertileSpirit™ Retreat I have experienced a shift in my consciousness.  It was a wonderful uplifting experience.

The experiential work at the FertileSpirit™ Retreat was awesome and incredibly important.  The stories that were shared were necessary.  Amazing and very powerful.  It’s truly a shift in perspective.  A very safe healing space was created.  Thank you, Dr. Ian and Beverly for creating such an amazing program!

The FertileSpirit™ Retreat was more amazing than I could have imagined.  I confirmed some of what I already knew and learned more about my spirit baby and my lineage.  The support of this group of women was overwhelming and Dr. Ian and Beverly exude love.  I am happy to speak to any prospective patients or retreat participants who would like to talk to someone first hand about this life changing and altering experience.

This [FertileSpirit™ retreat] was a wonderful and intimate experience. I enjoyed the interaction with the women and the presenters. Beverly and Ian are awesome and gave so much of their love and energy to each of us. I would highly recommend a FertileSpirit™ Retreat to anyone trying to get pregnant.
- D.G.

The FertileSpirit™ Retreat was an all-encompassing awakening to the spirit within me that I had never tapped into. Once the spirit was released, which happened in a new way with each part of the retreat, I opened up more and more to it which could not have been possible without each and every component of the retreat. I would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone facing fertility challenges.
- J.B.

I thought this [FertileSpirit™] retreat was great, especially without knowing what to expect. After going through this retreat, I feel more relaxed and know in my heart that my husband and I will one day have a happy and healthy baby.” Everyone who is dealing with fertility issues should go to this retreat.
- L.F.

This was a very relaxing [FertileSpirit™] retreat. It is good to get away from our every day lives and good to know that I am not alone.
- J.G.

I rate this [FertileSpirit™] retreat a perfect 10 out of 10 for all components. It is hard to put into words what actually happened at the retreat. I got confirmation that I do have a spirit baby.
- T.N.

The FertileSpirit™ Retreat was a very relaxing and peaceful time. I would recommend this for anyone going through fertility treatments.
- L.R.

The FertileSpirit™ Retreat was more than I could have ever expected! Thank you, Beverly and Ian for everything!! I would and have recommended this retreat to anyone going through fertility challenges.
- J.M.

I had a very relaxing time [at the FertileSpirit™ Retreat]. Even my husband said I looked different when I returned home. I got some answers about my spirit baby that really helped me.
- M.P.

This retreat really awakened my spirit and opened my heart.  Even though I wasn’t sure I want a child, this retreat healed my soul.  Walter’s presentation was effective.  Bev,thank you for taking the time to listen to me on Saturday night.  Ian, thank you for your male strength and just being who you are.  Love and God bless.
- V. L.

It was an amazing spiritual journey.  I feel so connected to my spirit baby.  All women should do this retreat regardless of fertility issues.
- N. M.

Thank you so much for providing this beautiful experience for all of us. It was such a powerful experience and I have found a new sense of hope and spirituality.  I will definitely incorporate the things I learned into my daily life.  Meeting each of these women who are struggling through similar challenges has truly been a blessing.
- K. P.

I can’t explain how good it is.  Everyone should come and attend and feel how good it is.
- E. S.

Wow! What an incredible experience.  I feel so renewed and centered.  I’m not sure how I would explain this experience to anyone else- just experience.  Bev and Dr. Ian are so incredible, loving, and supportive.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
- M. C.

Ian and Bev, what an inspiration they are.  They teach us how to connect with the universe and believe in ourselves.  After leaving the retreats I feel positive, balanced, and feel that I have the power to do what I was intended to do on this earth, and that is becoming a mother.
- D. D. B.

I thought it would be difficult opening up, but I decided earl on that was the only way to heal.  It was a very good experience.  I think that not having husbands is a good way to help these women heal, but many of us missed our men. Thank you for the opportunity for this experience.
- D. K.

This retreat means something different for each person who attends.  We all take what we need individually, which is the beauty of it.  No words could explain what the experience was like, but my personal actions and feelings afterward definitely expose a “new” me, which is amazing.  I hope I can hold onto this feeling.  I would have been happy to take a day off from work to attend this.
- N. M.

My comments are that I haven’t experienced anything like what I have experienced this weekend at the retreat. I shared my thoughts and feelings and emotions with everyone. Ian and Bev you were the best, and most amazing people that I have met.  You guys have lifted my emotions and feelings that you know I had locked up deep into my chakras. I love you guys. May angels and spirit babies be with all of us 'til eternity.
- E. P.

Thank you so much for making me a part of this weekend. I went into it unsure of what to expect. I left feeling more grounded, calmer, and sure that our dreams will become reality.  I took with me the tools and skills I need to take care of myself along with the connection I felt with these other women who understood first-hand what I’ve been going through.
- A. T.

I really enjoyed the weekend’s events. It helped me to relax.
- S. E.

Dr. Ian and Bev, you are both a blessing and the energy was beautiful.
- T. B.

Fabulous! My long struggle with fertility had left me feeling disconnected to my body, emotion, and soul. I’d been floating outside myself waiting to see what would happen next. The retreat helped me find my way home again, back to my center and to the realization that I can be in control of my fertility journey. It’s nice to have my internal focus of control back. Thank you Bev and Dr. Ian – angels really do work on Earth!
- A. V.

The FertileSpirit™ retreat was very uplifting and informative. It gave me the tools necessary to communicate with my spirit baby. I was also privileged to meet such brave special women who shared this journey with me. Thank you to Dr. Ian, Beverly, and Walter. You are truly special spirits.
- S. A.

I feel very blessed to be a part of this amazing journey. Dr. Ian and Bev opened their hearts and souls. Thank you so much for being who you are.
- D. D-B.

The FertileSpirit™ retreat was very relaxing and helped me connect with my spirit baby. I am more open to allowing things to happen as they want to happen instead of me always trying to make them happen. I can let go and relax knowing that my spirit baby is coming soon. It was worth every penny. Thank you, Beverly and Dr. Ian for giving so much to us during the retreat.
- K. S.

It is nice to know that I’m not alone. Dr. Ian and Bev put together a wonderful retreat. I feel refreshed, energized and happy about my future. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks!
- T. Z.

The FertileSpirit™ retreat was very moving and gave me a lot to think about. I learned how to work on the Spirit Baby chants and I was able to “see” my spirit baby.
- V. W-M.

I really liked how this retreat tied everything together in a way that I could understand. I liked the experience of the beautiful grounds at the retreat center.
- L. P.

This was a great experience not only to share with the other women, but to really get clarity on what this whole process is all about.
- A. W.

“Amazing to find that I have gifts I never knew. Also to connect with my child beforehand…just amazing! What a way to connect. I needed this for myself to realize what I have felt all along will happen! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!” R.O.

“This was an amazing weekend of self discovery and enlightenment that I can’t explain. It was amazing!” K.H.

“I want to thank you for everything! It was such a nice experience for me!” C.V.

“The retreat was amazing. Words can’t describe the calmness and peace and love placed inside. We all sat together and shared what we could. Nobody judged, we all understood. To Walter Makichen: I must say thank you, for sharing your gift and doing what you do. You opened our chakras and showed us how, to communicate with our spirit babies now. Thank you Ian and Beverly Wahl, for creating this retreat and helping us all. You taught us new tools and about angels and guides. I learned about strength we all have inside. I cleared out the junk and strengthened my chi. You placed your hands and put prayers over me. The stories and experiences we shared with one another stay at the retreat and with each other. The bonds that I made with some were so strong. I hope our friendship grows stronger as our lives go along. The experiences here were just so unreal. I cannot explain it. It’s something you feel.” J.H.

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